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We are a self funded organization here to help you find your balance, prevent harm in your family, and empower survivors to begin their healing process. We are connecting hearts & holding hands of help around the world. Contact us for more information through the Crisis Support Contact page above. Live Stong & Fly Free!
Did you know that you can help provide EMERGENCY SERVICES to VICTIMS IN NEED simply by donating your CELL PHONE?

Check out this video or click on any of the pictures here to be directed to the 911 Cell Phone Bank Recycle Program to find out how to get involved and help save a life today.

Do you have a family member threatened by a violent offender or perhaps an elderly person who needs a secure cell phone to reach emergency response services? You can help them all with this program!!​​​​
Sadly, I have to say that I've been one of these victims; one of those many millions of victims today who live in constant threat by the person they love. During the times when he would be raging throughout the house, terrorizing the children, or beating me beyond recognition; the first thing he did to show his power was to take my money, purse, I.D., and car keys (back then we didn't have cell phones). I couldn't escape, that was his intent and he would do whatever it took to make sure he didn't lose control. The house phone would be ripped out or taken down and put away, blocking me from the ability to get much needed help.

This program allows you to donate your phone, become a community collector of phones, help to create a community awareness for rescue and emergency response services through the magic of just one little phone!! You have the power in your hands. When you donate to a partner/donation center, they collect & ship those used phones out to the recycle plant in Florida, then when you need to receive a phone for someone all you have to do is contact one of the many distributors for a FREE 911 PROGRAMED PHONE. Most centers have phones on hand right away, so they will typically ask you to sign off on receiving one and its yours, that simple.

Help provide these much needed emergency services to a senior in need or a victim of violence. You never know when that extra secret phone will come in handy and save their life. When you give them a phone it's like giving them a life preserver; a way to seek help when they are in harms way.

​​What about a 911 Phone for your child?​​​​ Did you ever stop to think about those times when you couldn't afford to give your child a cell phone, but you definitely wanted them to have one in case of emergency? Well, this is a way to receive that phone and give your child access to emergency services 24/7, just think of the peace of mind this could give you and your children. Become a donor of your cell phone, it could be that life saving tool your loved ones need.

Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery, has teamed up with the Clinton County, Breese Boy Scout Troop #225, to collect and distribute phones for victims in need. If you are in the area of South Central Illinois (Clinton Cnty, Bond, St. Clair, Washington, Madison) send me an email at butterflydreamsteam@live.com - Please include your name and a contact number where we can reach you on a safe phone to provide much needed resources of help today!!! In case of emergency please call 618-304-7438 and leave a message so we can call you back right away.​​ Thank you