Creating is one thing, gaining the needed support is another - help us reach our goal!!
by Patricia McKnight
Petition Organizer

It means so much to have leaders in the nonprofit advocacy stand behind this petition. I and many others truly believe it will open the door to how justice is given for victims in Family,Relationship, Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and many forms of extreme child maltreatment.

​​I do hope we can get the support we need in media to help push this forward. It's one thing to start a petition, but it takes true support to make it really create any difference in our society, this is just one step in that direction.  

​​We know more today about the horrible, often lifetime impacts, from the stress and trauma of violent homes, or what can become the most dangerous place in the world for our young victims. The small persons too little to fight back, too young to understand what is happening or why it has to hurt so much to be so little.

​​Today there are many men & women who are political leaders and because of the mental health stigma and the taught silence about these brutally destructive acts, they have never voted or addressed these issues in speaking venues, except with recent increased interest in combating Human Trafficking.

The most common form of child sex trafficking in the Domestic United States is enforced by a family member, usually a parent or step parent of the child. Our new generation of voters & political leaders are in a strong position to help reform our laws and develop recovery skills for those who have been harmed by a person in their home who is nothing less than their daily 'Family Terrorist'. 

Please sign & share this petition, get this reform going and get the attention of our political figures. Let's change our children's future and end the dominant control with the enforcement of 'Family Crimes and Terroristic Abuse Act' - 'Trecia's Law'
Today our ​​youth are angry, they suffer dark depression and often years of self harming behavior. Often they are furious because we as adults have not protected and enforced the greatest of all rights in our country; the right to be safe even for our children no matter where they might reside. This is a personal right given and protected under every law, not only in our country, but more importantly in the creation of our United Nations World Laws; Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where you'll find Articles 1 - 8 protect EVERY PERSON, without regard to age, race, religion, geographic or residential location, without regard to any other human demographic; every individual has the ultimate right to be safe and be protected under the laws of our world.

The mission of this active petition is to request our American Government to complete a Federal Level Review of our Social Services Policies and our Judicial System so that we create ONE FEDERAL PROCEDURE ACROSS THE COUNTRY, when prosecuting or providing services for families and children who are suffering the personal attacks and trafficking actions that are Family Crimes. ​​It is those too little to defend themselves, too young to understand, too afraid to speak out, or too controlled to find resources who become victims of this detrimental constant threat of grievous attack or injury.

​​We hope you will help us succeed in implementing 'Family Crimes and Terroristic Abuse Act'.

A creation by Patricia McKnight
(c)Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery
Nov 2012 - 2016​​

If you would like to have this presentation shared with your staff in the Metro East area of St. Louis a single fee of $50.00 for the 1.5hr seminar on Family Crimes, Terroristic Trauma, Silenced Victims.

All other locations travel expenses are payable at the time of presentation. Please email for more information. Thank you.​​
This presentation & it's speaker/creator are unlike anything you've ever considered in the educational understanding and victims support recovery services in the dynamics of Family Crimes and Home Violence. 

Reviewed as 'Groundbreaking material never introduced before' by Dr. Elise Lobue, University of Illinois Springfield, Adjunct Professor & UIS Women's Center.

Hoyleton Ministries Direct Care Staff reviewed as highly informative. Information of fear & trauma not previously considered or discussed on this scale.

Hoyleton Ministries Foster Parent Education/Training​​​​​​ -'Absolutely magnificent material which I wish I would have known before. I could have helped save my granddaughter before things got really bad for her.'
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​​​​​​ 1) If you have just been harmed, physically or sexually attacked, please call 911 in the U.S. or your local emergency response number if outside the U.S.

2) Remember that your body is now EVIDENCE!!! Do not shower, Do not change clothes until you have been checked out by a medical forensics team and they have collected the EVIDENCE your offender has left on your body!!!

3) It is important to make a full police report of any attacks you suffer!!! This gives photographed and recorded proof of the attack so the offense can be charged and prosecuted. If we do not report these acts from our partners, parents, others who are close to us, then there can be no prosecution or end to these crimes.​

**Call one of the HOTLINE NUMBERS to reach a counselor immediately**​​