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Taken from the definitions provided by our Criminal Code 18 U.S. #2331, which addresses 'terroristic' crimes. - Act of harm, or detrimental fear, which does create or impose a risk of grievous bodily injury or possible death if victims do not comply.

An act of 'Terroristic Abuse' can be committed by any person at any time, but most commonly exists within our very own homes. Nothing gives a ‘terrorist’ more control than directly residing with their victims, especially when those victims cannot fight back, cannot refuse, cannot run away from the attack and can be easily silenced by the violent attack itself.

These are heinous criminal attacks on every level. "Terroristic Abuse" is committed and controlled by the intense fear of the victims. The attacks include threats with weapons, threats against the victims life, acts of brutal violence to silence them and preventing them from ever reaching out for resources of help. These types of abuses are dominantly committed to ensure victims comply with every demand given, even if that includes the use of drugs, alcohol, sex trafficking, exploitation, servitude, and possibly grievous neglect in any form of basic human necessities (medical care, food, clothing). Each of these actions are meant to create an imposed believed sense of certain death and devalue any sense of personal value or self appreciation.

​​The most important concern for these types of attackers/abusers is to silence their victims. They must ensure that no one ever find out about what they are really doing behind closed doors. The fear of this abuser's attacks can silence victims long into adulthood, which surpasses any statute of limitations and prevents the attacker/abuser from ever being held responsible for the sometimes permanently wounding and emotionally destructive acts against those whom they use and torture.

As tragic as these types of acts may be, and the graphic nature of which they are inflicted, has invaded many centuries of our human society. However difficult it may be for our society to hear these types of cruelties, especially within our homes and against our children, the one truth is --------
​'If children can endure years of these types of brutal attacks and traumatic fears, we as adults need to hear their voices, release their shame, and place the responsibility of harm on those persons who commit such grievous acts.'

There are millions of adults who were once these silenced children; however because of fear, shame, and the refusal of our society to address these issues with an open heart and an open mind, they are still suffering, probably with emotional challenges or addictions to avoid the nightmares that haunt them. We are asking you to hear their cry, hear these terrorized victims and implement changes we need in order to provide more focused trainings to spot these victims and work directly in rebuilding their sense of self without fear of attack; prosecutorial guidelines in dealing with punishments deserved of such crimes; and a continuing prevention and recovery provider within every small community across the country.

We thank you for your time and please help us move forward in implementing the statutes to protect all persons, despite age or gender, residential location, economic standing, race or religion. Only a strong standing United Human Society will be successful in gaining the political support needed to ensure rights to life, liberty and security of person will be enforced for all persons within our country and hopefully around the world.  You can help make a difference by changing the way persons in your close circles ignore and continue to tolerate 'Family Crimes' which may well be so fierce in threat or direct harm, the acts are nothing less than 'Terroristic Abuse'. 
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