We are beginning to collect quite a huge response of testimonials from those we work with one on one, those who listen to our radio shows, use this site, connect on the social sites and more. If you would like to submit a testimonial about any of our Radio Hosts, Exec. Director Patricia McKnight or Assistant Director Michal Madison;

Please email; butterflydreams@charter.net

We appreciate all of the incredible responses. Thank you​​
Received July 15, 2013
Debra Mize
Domestic Violence Expert/New Host on Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio - Metamorphosis - Thursdays @ 9pm eastern​​ 

​​Debra Mize "Patricia McKnight's work has truly been an inspiration to many victims as they make their journey to survivor. She has learned to take the horror of what was done TO her and create a space of peace, healing and growth for many through her writing, online presence and radio shows. People will learn and live from her efforts and make a space where the pain has been to create a positive future."
Received July 29, 2013
CW Seymore
​​Author/Advocate; 'Shards of Glass'

​​Butterfly Dreams Talk Radio Abuse and Recovery was the very first Facebook "Group" I joined. I really don't share much of myself personally in any of the groups online, but I do go there to learn, gain strength, share and receive wisdom.

I believe that the work Trisha does in helping others know that they are not alone is a tremendous asset to the abused community of adults picking up the pieces of a shattered past.

I was invited to be a guest on the show to share my story of hope, healing and my personal memoir on my childhood abuse.

I am very thankful that there are platforms such as this out there for others who are hurting and suffering in silence. I know when I was young in my healing journey, there was nothing like this available.

We all need to be thankful and gracious to those that offer their time and resources to help others along the way.

Thank you Butterfly Dreams for being one of those platforms!

CW Seymore

Child Advocate, Author "Shards of Glass"
Received Aug 9, 2013
Stacey M. Kannen
Author: 'Fear of our Father'

​​​"To all my name is Stacey M. Kananen, and I have done a blog talk show with Patricia about child abuse. I am the co-author of Fear of our Father, and like Patricia I was abused as a child. I was honored to have been asked to be a guest on her show and I was very comfortable with her. it is a hard subject and even harder to talk about, but Patricia made it a comfortable environment. Kudos to her for sharing the hard issues and for having the strength to stand up for so many of the voiceless.

I am hardly ever in the chat rooms, but I almost always listen to the archives. I am so honored that their is such a wonderful group of people out there who will try to help others. It is hard to be that person and each and everyone of you are very special. I highly recommend this blog talk series for anyone who needs help or support. these are wonderful people who have wonderful hearts.

My love and support to each and everyone of you."
Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery & Talk Radio Broadcasting was inspired through the close friendship of Patricia McKnight & Michal Madison. These two souls who connected so deeply in their journey come from very different backgrounds, but yet so similar in their survival. Patricia comes from a very vicious childhood where an entire community could see the rot of her skin, her teeth, the evil of her stepfather and the dismissal from her mother; yet they all chose to turn away and abandon her in the hell. Michal comes from the 'perfect' family who if seen from the outside would seem completely normal. Her parents were educators, pillars in the church; upstanding in all ways, except when it came to the very young beginning of molesting their daughter and her siblings. Their control on her lasted into adulthood, the lack of others being able to inside her hell drove their knife of trauma deeper into her being. Both of these ladies endured because there was no other option, as it is for all children. The training of the sexual abuse, the wounds from the verbal degradations, the pain of the physical trauma; this all led them both down the path of many broken and violent adult relationships, failed marriages and only in their late 30's to early forties did they begin to realize what had happened to set of the path of self destruction. Now they are both courageous voices for those harmed within their home. It is not the attack from a stranger we need to concern ourselves with today; it is the attack from those within our home that becomes the most threatening. These incredible survivors know this truth and are doing all they can to now educate and empower society to become a helper of others as we all try to heal from the wounds of our past. You too can find your path to freedom by first accepting what happened, perhaps working in a support group or with a therapist to understand the wounds you still bare, then you too will find the power to take back control and live your life as the true incredible survivor you are today!!! Always live strong & fly free, this is the path to your healing recovery.

You will find Patricia 'Trish' McKnight on many social sites. All of her contact information can be found throughout the page above for her memoir 'My Justice'. Michal Madison is also out there on a few of the social sites as well. You will find her artwork on her fan page under the 'RADIO WORLD' tab above. You can also visit her website at http://www.michalmadison.com to view or purchase her incredible artwork. You will see many of her paintings shared throughout this site, enjoy what these two survivors are giving throughout their work, mission to provide healing, help, and hope to all those who reach out.​​
Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery
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